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Athi Ward Experiences Unprecedented Development Under MCA Muthama Kieti

Athi Ward, Kitui South – Athi Ward is witnessing a significant transformation under the leadership of MCA Hon. Muthama Kieti, popularly known as Dr. Othos. Despite being from a different political party, Hon. Kieti has formed a productive partnership with Governor Dr. Julius Makau Malombe, ensuring continuous and effective development in the ward.

Hon. Muthama Kieti’s tenure has been marked by a series of developmental projects that are reshaping the socio-economic landscape of Athi Ward. Residents have noted a marked improvement in infrastructure, healthcare, and community services, attributing these positive changes to the collaborative efforts between the MCA and the governor.

“I am committed to working for the betterment of Athi Ward. Our collaboration with Governor Dr. Malombe has proven that bipartisan efforts can bring about tangible results for our community,” said Hon. Kieti.

Some of the notable projects include the construction of new roads, improved healthcare facilities, enhanced road infrastructure, and community development programs aimed at uplifting the living standards of the residents. These initiatives have been warmly received by the community, who have expressed their appreciation for the leadership and vision of Hon. Kieti.

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“Hon. Muthama Kieti has brought a level of leadership that Athi Ward has never experienced before. His dedication to the welfare of our people is evident in the projects he has initiated and completed,” said a local resident.

As Athi Ward continues to flourish under this dynamic leadership, Hon. Kieti is poised to be remembered as the best MCA the ward has ever produced under the devolved system. His commitment to development and his ability to work across party lines set a commendable example for other leaders in the region.


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