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Dr. Vincent Munyoki Leads Massive Tree Planting Effort in Kitui West with NGAO”

Dr Vincent Munyoki today joined other leaders in a national tree planting exercise at Kombu location in Kitui west.

Over eight thousand tree were today planted in kitui West with Dr. Vincent Foundation and NGAO leading the exercise.

The national tree-planting initiative continued to thrive, with leaders actively driving efforts in various regions. Notably, in Kitui West Constituency, the Vincent Munyoki Foundation, led by Dr. Vincent Munyoki, spearheaded an impressive endeavor, planting over 8 thousand trees.

Moreover, their meticulous inspections of previously planted trees revealed an outstanding 99% survival rate, a testament to their dedication to conservation. Kenya’s environmental ambition is further underscored by the government’s ambitious target of cultivating 15 billion trees within a decade.

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This nationwide commitment exemplifies Kenya’s resolve to combat deforestation, address climate change, and preserve biodiversity, ensuring the preservation of natural ecosystems for generations to come.

Dr Munyoki urged residents of kitui West to heed the call of president William ruto by planting as many trees as possible to increase the forest cover in the country.


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