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Endau Malalani Ward Hopeful Mr. Steve Malingata Engages with Community in Worship and Fund Drives

On July 7th, 2024, also known as Saba Saba, Endau Malalani Ward hopeful Mr. Steve Malingata and his team attended a worship service at Jesus for Life Church in Makutano, Malalani Sub-location, Malalani Location.The service was led by Apostle Jackson, whose sermon was described as both encouraging and touching.

Following the uplifting service, Mr. Malingata organized a fund drive to support Njega and Faith for their upcoming pre-wedding ceremony.The event saw significant community involvement and support.Later in the evening, Mr. Malingata and his team joined the faithful and worshippers of the New Apostolic Church in Makuka Town, Makuka Sub-location.

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They participated in another fund drive, this time aimed at raising funds to build a modern church in Kitui East.The event was well-received, reflecting the strong community spirit and commitment to supporting local initiatives.

Mr. Malingata’s active involvement in these community events highlights his dedication to the well-being and development of the Endau Malalani Ward.

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