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Governor Malombe’s Administration Launches 26 Irrigation Clusters to Enhance Food Security in Kitui

Kitui – In a strategic move to bolster food and nutrition security, the County Government of Kitui, under the leadership of Governor Dr. Julius Malombe, has embarked on an ambitious irrigation project.

The initiative, which forms a cornerstone of Governor Malombe’s administration, involves the establishment of 26 irrigation clusters across various wards within the county for the fiscal year 2023/2024.

Each irrigation cluster is outfitted with a solar-powered sump well and two elevated water tanks, each with a capacity of 10,000 liters. To date, 13 clusters have been completed, with the remaining 13 slated for completion by the end of the next month, as confirmed by Peter Nkunda, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Water and Irrigation.

Nkunda provided these updates during a recent development tour in Kitui West Sub County, where he commissioned two significant water projects in Kithumula/Kwamutonga and Kauwi Wards. The projects include the Ngalange irrigation cluster in Kithumula/Kwa Mutonga Ward and the Kauwi-Ngomano irrigation cluster in Kauwi Ward.

“I am in consultation with my colleague in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to assign Agricultural Extension officers to the clusters. These officers will offer continuous training and monitoring on crop management, disease control, and agribusiness,” CEC Nkunda stated. “This will help you not only put food on your table but also generate income to meet other needs like providing education for your children.”

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Chief Officer Mwangangi emphasized Governor Malombe’s dedication to promoting irrigated agriculture, which led to the establishment of the Department of Irrigation. She urged farmers to support the Governor’s initiatives by maintaining and protecting the irrigation projects.

“There’s no dignity in being given relief food. Let’s take advantage of these projects to better our lives. The county government is committed to replicating these projects in all the 40 wards to utilize the abundant water resources in our rivers to transform our great county,” she advised.

Farmers from the irrigation clusters have lauded Governor Malombe’s leadership, noting that the projects have ensured adequate water supply for irrigation and have significantly reduced the labor and time associated with traditional bucket irrigation methods.

One farmer highlighted the financial benefits, stating, “Initially, I spent Ksh 2,200 on diesel every week to pump water with my generator, translating to almost Ksh 9,000 a month. With this solar-powered system, this will be a thing of the past.”

The event also saw the attendance of engineers from the Department of Irrigation and leaders from the Kitui West Sub County Administration, marking a unified front in the drive to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability in Kitui.


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