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Governor Malombe’s Machinery Rehabilitation Drive, Tractors Released to Wards


In a display of dedication to agricultural development, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development in Kitui County, under the leadership of Governor Dr. Julius Makau Malombe, has undertaken a substantial rehabilitation project for vandalized machinery.

The recent efforts have seen over 40 plowing tractors, previously rendered inoperable due to vandalism, brought back to life, signaling a significant stride towards enhancing agricultural productivity in the region.

Under Governor Malombe’s administration, a considerable number of these tractors have been meticulously serviced and restored, with a portion already deployed to various wards. This proactive approach reflects the government’s commitment to empowering local farmers and revitalizing the agricultural sector.

Madam Gladys Kivoto, the Chief Officer for Agriculture, expressed the ministry’s unwavering dedication to fulfilling the promises made to the people of Kitui. With the release of 20 fully serviced tractors to different wards, and plans underway to deploy more in the coming weeks, the county government is steadfast in its mission to provide essential agricultural machinery to every ward.

Speaking to the press, Superintendent Engineer Madam Dorcus Ileve reiterated the county government’s commitment to restoring vandalized machinery, emphasizing the pivotal role these assets play in driving agricultural progress. Additionally, the Manager of Agricultural Mechanization Services, Madam Eng Dorcus Ileve, outlined the timeline for the completion of the remaining machinery, assuring farmers of timely access to these vital resources.

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The coordinated efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture, led by CECM Dr. Kimwele Mbaya, underscore a proactive approach to addressing the challenges faced by farmers in Kitui County. As the region gears up for the upcoming rainy seasons, the prospect of utilizing county government machinery brings renewed hope and optimism to local farmers.

The revitalization of these tractors not only symbolizes progress but also signifies a tangible commitment to transforming the agricultural landscape of Kitui County. With enhanced access to modern machinery, farmers are poised to increase productivity, improve livelihoods, and contribute to the overall economic growth of the region.

As Kitui farmers eagerly anticipate the deployment of additional machinery, the collective efforts of the government, agricultural stakeholders, and local communities serve as a testament to the power of collaboration in fostering sustainable development. Through such initiatives, Kitui County is paving the way for a thriving agricultural sector, laying the foundation for a brighter and more prosperous future for all its residents.

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