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Hon. Dr. Makali Mulu Gains Youth Support for Kitui County Governor Seat Bid

Kitui Central Member of Parliament Dr Makali Muli continues to ignite the flames of support from student leaders on his gubernatorial aspirations. Hon. Dr. Makali Mulu, Member of Parliament for Kitui Central, orchestrated a strategic gathering with influential youth leaders Antony Mutua, fondly known as Trump Wa Ukamba, and Meshach Wales, also recognized as Meshbae. Their aim? To forge a path towards securing the Kitui County Governor seat in the upcoming 2027 elections.

The ambiance was charged with anticipation as Hon. Dr. Mulu and the vibrant youth leaders engaged in a productive dialogue, fueled by a shared vision for the future of Kitui County. Amidst fervent discussions and spirited exchanges, a consensus emerged – the need for dynamic leadership rooted in inclusivity and progress.

As the meeting progressed, it became evident that Hon. Dr. Mulu’s leadership resonated deeply with the youth demographic. With a commitment to amplifying youth voices and addressing their concerns, Dr. Mulu struck a chord with Antony Mutua and Meshach Wales, who pledged their unwavering support to his gubernatorial bid.

The enthusiastic youths, buoyed by a sense of purpose and determination, vowed to mobilize grassroots support, galvanizing fellow young people and university students behind Dr. Mulu’s transformative agenda for Kitui County. Their pledge signifies a powerful endorsement of Hon. Dr. Mulu’s vision, underscoring the significance of generational collaboration in shaping the future trajectory of Kitui County.

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Indeed, Hon. Dr. Makali Mulu’s candidacy embodies the promise of a new era of leadership – one characterized by innovation, inclusivity, and unwavering dedication to the welfare of all Kitui residents. With the backing of impassioned youth leaders like Antony Mutua and Meshach Wales, Dr. Mulu’s journey towards the Kitui County Governor seat gains momentum, fueled by the collective aspirations of a generation poised for change.

As the 2027 elections draw nearer, the resounding support garnered from the vibrant youth constituency serves as a testament to Hon. Dr. Makali Mulu’s transformative leadership and his unwavering commitment to ushering in a brighter tomorrow for Kitui County. With youth empowerment at the forefront of his agenda, Dr. Mulu’s candidacy heralds a new dawn of opportunity and progress for the people of Kitui County.


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