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Hon. Zak Syengo Leads Public Participation for Fiscal Year 2024/2025 Budget Estimates in Kitui

On Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, the Kitui Multipurpose Hall in Kitui town witnessed a significant event as Hon. Zak Syengo, the Voo/Kyamatu Member of County Assembly (MCA), led the Budget Committee in a three-day Public Participation session on the proposed budget estimates for the Fiscal Year 2024/2025. This event marked a crucial step towards ensuring transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement in the budgetary process.

Addressing the gathered members of the public, Hon. Syengo reassured residents that their views would be meticulously considered as the committee deliberates and prepares the budget report. He emphasized the importance of community input, stating, “We are hoping that the governor and his team will implement the budget that we will pass after considering your (public) views to the letter.”

The focus of the session was on the proposed budget estimates for the upcoming fiscal year, with Hon. Syengo shedding light on the financial landscape. The total proposed budget estimates for the next financial year stood at Kshs. 12.7 million. Notably, the breakdown included Kshs. 10.9 billion from the equitable share provided by the National Treasury, Kshs. 1.1 billion in grants, and a target of Kshs. 600 million from own source revenue.

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Throughout the proceedings, Hon. Zak Syengo’s leadership exemplified a commitment to full representation and a better tomorrow for the constituents of Voo/Kyamatu. By facilitating public participation and ensuring transparency in the budgetary process, Hon. Syengo and the Budget Committee demonstrated their dedication to serving the needs and interests of the community.

The engagement was not only a platform for citizens to voice their concerns and priorities but also an opportunity for collaboration between elected officials and the public to shape the future development trajectory of Kitui County. The event underscored the importance of inclusive governance and the critical role of citizen participation in fostering accountability and driving progress at the local level.

As the Budget Committee prepares to compile its report based on the input received during the public participation sessions, the residents of Kitui eagerly anticipate the implementation of a budget that reflects their aspirations and addresses their pressing needs.

The leadership exemplified by Hon. Zak Syengo and his team in spearheading this process sets a positive precedent for inclusive governance and effective public service delivery in Kitui County.

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