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Kitui Central MP Dr. Makali Mulu Rejects Salary Increment


Kitui Central Member of Parliament Dr. Makali Mulu, has publicly rejected the recent proposal for a salary increment for legislators. Dr. Mulu, who is also an aspirant for the Kitui Governorship in 2027, expressed his strong disapproval on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

“It is absurd to think of salaries increment while our youth are in the streets. Why the double standards? The increment is untimely, ill thought, and mis-advised. We stand with those asking for radical measures, and this is one of them—no salary increment. I reject this increment,” Dr. Mulu wrote.

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Dr. Mulu’s stance reflects growing concerns over economic disparities and youth unemployment in the region. His rejection of the salary increment is seen as a call for more responsible and equitable economic policies, prioritizing the needs of the general population over the interests of elected officials.

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