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Kitui Central Parliamentary Hopefuls Gather War Chest as 2027 Fever Heats Up

Kitui Central parliamentary race is gaining momentum every single day, with multiple candidates positioning themselves to succeed Dr Makali Mulu in the upcoming 2027 elections.

Among the contenders is Kyalo Muli, representing the Anzauni National clan, who is reportedly eyeing the seat, adding depth to the diversity of candidates vying for the position.

Notably, Mr Bonnie Musambi, who contested under the UDA party in the 2022 elections and secured the second position, is gearing up for another run. With Dr Makali Mulu set to pursue the governorship in 2027, Musambi sees an opportunity to secure the parliamentary seat.
Adding to the mix is Kitui’s Deputy Speaker, Honorable Christopher Nzilu, signalling his intent to enter the race. Nzilu brings legislative experience to the table, presenting himself as a formidable candidate.
Another figure to watch is the former Principal, Mr. Kasyula, who enjoys a close association with Dr. Makali Mulu. His interest in the parliamentary seat suggests a continuation of the political legacy within the constituency.

Chrispus Ileli emerges as a contender with strong grassroots support, positioning himself as the candidate of the people. With Dr. Makali Mulu stepping down in 2027, Ileli sees an opportunity to fill the void and represent the interests of the community.

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Not to be overlooked is Mr Kituti, a favourite among the people, whose presence adds further intensity to the electoral competition. With his popularity and grassroots connections, Kituti promises to challenge the other candidates vigorously.

However, amidst the crowded field, there are indications that Miambani MCA, Honorable Alex Nganga, may reconsider his ambitions. Reports suggest that he could withdraw from the race to pursue the position of Majority Leader in the next county assembly, showcasing a strategic shift in political aspirations.

As the contenders gear up for the campaign trail, the dynamics of alliances and strategies will undoubtedly shape the outcome of the Kitui Central parliamentary race.
With each candidate bringing their unique strengths and support bases, the constituents await an engaging electoral contest that will determine the future representation of their constituency.

The TCD editorial team wishes all these candidates of 2027 success in their political ambitions.

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