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Kitui County Commissioner Urges Residents to Join Tree Planting Campaign

Kitui County Commissioner, Kipchumba Ruto, has issued a heartfelt plea to the residents of Kitui to actively engage in tree planting initiatives throughout the region. His call comes amidst an ongoing tree planting campaign led by the Kamba Visionary Association (KVA) and Kyalo Kya Maendeeo patron, Dr. Augustus Kyalo, in Kitui Central.

Expressing gratitude for the initiative, Commissioner Ruto emphasized the critical importance of tree planting in combating climate change, a phenomenon that has severely impacted various parts of Kenya, leading to erratic rainfall patterns and environmental degradation.

“In the face of climate change challenges, it is imperative that we come together as a community to protect our environment,” Commissioner Ruto stated. “Tree planting is not just a noble act; it is a necessity for our survival and the well-being of future generations.”

The KVA Chairman, Hillary Katee, affirmed the association’s dedication to making the Ukambani region a green haven. “Our mission goes beyond planting trees; it is about fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and resilience,” Katee remarked. “By planting trees today, we are investing in a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.”

These sentiments were echoed by KVA Secretary General, Victor Kyalo (Cashflow), who underscored the community’s responsibility in nurturing the planted trees and rallying behind President Ruto’s ambitious goal of planting 10 billion trees nationwide. “Our actions today will determine the quality of life for tomorrow. Let us take ownership of this noble cause and ensure the success of our tree planting efforts,” Kyalo urged.

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The KVA-led initiative aims to plant over 25,000 trees during the current rainy season, further demonstrating the collective effort towards environmental conservation and climate resilience in Kitui and beyond.

As the campaign gains momentum, residents are encouraged to actively participate by volunteering for tree planting activities, nurturing existing trees, and advocating for sustainable land management practices.

Commissioner Ruto concluded his plea with a message of hope and determination. “Together, we can transform Kitui into a green oasis, resilient to the challenges of climate change. Let us unite in our commitment to safeguarding our environment and securing a prosperous future for all.”

The call to action is clear: it is time for every resident of Kitui to join hands in planting trees and protecting the environment for generations to come.


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