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Kitui County Deputy Governor Issues Stern Warning Against Illegal Logging in Muumoni Hills

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In a concerted effort to preserve the invaluable ecosystem of Muumoni hills in Kitui County, Deputy Governor HE Wambua Kanani, accompanied by Environment Minister Soipan Tuya, spearheaded a tree planting initiative in Katse, Muumoni ward, Mwingi North Sub County.

The Deputy Governor emphasized the critical importance of Muumoni hills, which serve as a microenvironment covering a significant portion of Mwingi North Sub county. With recent rainfall patterns attributed to the presence of these ancient trees, HE Kanani sternly warned against the detrimental effects of illegal logging, which has plagued the area.

HE Kanani stated, “These trees are attributed to recent rainfall recurrence along the Muumoni area. They are ancient and we cannot afford to lose them to illegal logging which has been ongoing. From today, we have agreed that our forests must be kept off. I therefore warn anyone with any intention of advancing logging to keep off our forests.”

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Minister Soipan echoed this sentiment, issuing a directive to forest officers to swiftly intervene and halt any logging activities in the vicinity of the hills. She assured that stringent measures would be taken against anyone found engaging in illegal logging.

“Today’s tree planting exercises have seen leaders and residents come together to plant more than 13,000 assorted indigenous trees,” announced HE Kanani, highlighting the community’s dedication to environmental conservation and restoration efforts.

The collaborative effort between local leaders, residents, and government officials underscores the collective commitment to safeguarding the rich biodiversity and ecological balance of Muumoni hills for generations to come.

With unwavering determination, Kitui County continues its steadfast mission to combat deforestation and promote sustainable environmental practices.


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