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Kitui County Spearheads Agricultural Empowerment Through SACCO Sensitization Initiative”

In a move towards fostering economic empowerment and agricultural development, the County Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock, Trade, Industry, MSMEs, Innovation & Cooperatives, alongside the National Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (NAVCDP), recently organized a pivotal event in Mutomo town – the SACCO Sensitization Meeting on Inclusion Grant Support.

The essence of this project lies in providing vital support to Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs) through inclusion grants. These grants aim to facilitate SACCO members in establishing operational offices equipped with necessary furniture and desktops, while also offering stipends to ensure efficient bookkeeping.

Addressing a diverse audience during the sensitization session, Dr. Stephen Mbaya Kimwele, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Agriculture and Livestock, underscored the paramount importance of farmers aligning with SACCOs. Through these cooperative structures, farmers gain access to crucial agricultural and developmental credits, thereby enhancing their financial resilience and overall livelihoods.

Dr. Kimwele’s emphasis on Governor Dr. Malombe’s commitment to bolstering local economies and empowering agricultural communities in Kitui County, as outlined in the visionary 16 Sector development plan – *Kitui Promise*, resonates deeply with the overarching goals of the sensitization efforts.

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Central to this initiative is inclusivity. By encompassing farmers from all 40 wards within the county, the project ensures that no community is left behind. This comprehensive approach reflects a concerted effort towards equitable economic growth and prosperity for all residents of Kitui County.

Accompanied by key officials including Chief Officers Gladys Kivoto (Agriculture) and Paul Ngei (Cooperatives), the CECM’s presence underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to grassroots engagement and partnership.

In essence, the SACCO Sensitization Meeting on Inclusion Grant Support marks a pivotal moment in Kitui County’s journey towards sustainable development. By harnessing the collective power of cooperative societies and fostering a culture of financial inclusion, the county paves the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for its agricultural communities. As these initiatives continue to gain momentum, they serve as a beacon of hope and progress, illustrating the transformative impact of collaborative efforts in driving socio-economic advancement at the grassroots level.


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