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MP Nimrod Mbai Calls for Relocation of Kitui Prison to kanyonyoo for Affordable Housing Project

Kitui East Member of Parliament, Hon. Nimrod Mbai, has called for the relocation of Kitui prison to Kanyonyoo to pave the way for the construction of an affordable housing programme in Kitui. The MP argues that the prison currently occupies a premium area in the Central Business District (CBD) that could be converted to better use.

Speaking at a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) grassroots sensitization forum at the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), Mbai outlined his vision for Kitui County and his agenda to strengthen the UDA party within the region. The meeting was attended by UDA elected leaders and grassroots leaders from across the county.

In his address, Mbai emphasized his commitment to making UDA the majority party in the Kitui County Assembly. He declared his goal to deliver more seats in the 2027 elections, both for Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in Kitui County. “I’m working with Kitui East MP Rachael Nyamai and Principal Secretary Jonathan Mueke to ensure that the UDA party is very strong,” he stated.

Mbai also criticized Cabinet Secretary Penina Malonza for derogatorily referring to jobless youth as goons. “I am the patron of goons in Kitui County,” he asserted, defending the youth and urging the Kitui Governor to allocate one billion shillings to support them. “If Governor Malombe wants to continue in 2027, he must create a position for goons with a one billion shilling allocation; otherwise, we will take it by force,” Mbai warned.

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Praising Governor Malombe for his development initiatives in Kitui County, Mbai also expressed his dissatisfaction with CS Malonza’s performance, accusing her of not adequately supporting the people of Kitui. He urged the UDA supporters in Kitui to back his bid for party chairmanship, stressing the need for strong leadership to uplift the community.

Highlighting his dedication to the UDA party, Mbai announced a personal donation of 5.6 million shillings to support UDA delegates in Kitui County. “My business is to build a UDA party in Kitui County,” he concluded, rallying the attendees to join him in his efforts to bring development and prosperity to the region.


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