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Kitui East MP Hon. Nimrod Mbai Defends Support for 2024/25 Finance Bill

Kitui East Member of Parliament, Hon. Nimrod Mbai, has publicly defended his decision to support the contentious 2024/25 Finance Bill. In a statement to his constituents, Mbai cited a singular, critical reason for his affirmative vote: securing the first tarmac road for Kitui East.

“To my people, the people of Kitui East, I have voted YES to the Finance Bill just for one reason, just one reason… TO GET THE FIRST TARMAC ROAD IN OUR BELOVED CONSTITUENCY,” Mbai declared.

Acknowledging the mixed reactions from across the country, Mbai emphasized the unique needs of his constituency. “The rest of the country have the right to their opinion, but our children have a right to get home on a tarmac road,” he stated.

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The MP expressed gratitude to President William Samoei Ruto, highlighting this development as a milestone for Kitui East. “I am grateful to President William Samoei Ruto for being the first President of Kenya to think of us as part of our beloved country,” Mbai said.

In closing, Mbai urged his constituents to embrace this opportunity, stating, “Kama Mbaya Mbaya. Back to Original Settings.”

The Finance Bill 2024/25 has sparked significant debate nationwide, with proponents arguing it is essential for development and opponents critiquing its potential economic impacts. Mbai’s support underscores the complex considerations lawmakers face in balancing national policy and local needs.

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