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Kitui Gubernatorial RACE heats up as Multiple Candidates throw their Weight on the race

As the political landscape in Kitui gears up for the upcoming gubernatorial race in the 2027 general election, all eyes are on the Wiper Party primaries, which are anticipated to be nothing short of chaotic, Messy and with casualties.

With multiple candidates vying for the party ticket, including prominent figures like Dr. Makali Mulu PhD, Kitui Senator Hon Enoch Wambua, and Kitui Women Representative Dr. Irene Kasalu, the competition will be fierce and no one seems willing to back down.

The anticipation of a messy primary battle stems from the determination of each aspirant to secure the coveted Wiper Party ticket. Dr. Makali Mulu, a high-ranking Member of Parliament for Kitui, has unequivocally declared his intention to run for governor in the upcoming 2027 elections. Similarly, Senator Enoch Wambua has made it clear that he is eyeing the gubernatorial job, setting the stage for a showdown within the wiper party ranks.

Adding to the complexity of the race are other formidable contenders from various major parties who cannot be ignored. Among them is the mighty Nicholas Mulila, the man with a philanthropist heart who sacrifices himself to help all in need. With a strong development record across the county that the other contestants can’t match. While he has yet to officially declare his candidacy, he is already being touted as a significant player in the race, the County Diary has learnt

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Former Kitui Senator Hon David Musila is also rumored to be considering a run, though his challenge may lie in his age. Nonetheless, Musila’s reputation as a respected figure in Kitui politics cannot be overlooked, he is a good man because he not bad.

Former Kitui Governor hon Charity Ngilu of the Narc party has already announced her bid for the 2027 gubernatorial race.With such a diverse array of candidates and interests at play, the stage is set for a fiercely contested and unpredictable primary season in Kitui. As the Wiper Party primaries approach, all eyes will be on the unfolding dynamics and the eventual outcome that will shape the political landscape of the region for years to come.

Keep it here as we analyze the potential candidates for the voters to make the Right choice in the right time.


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