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Kitui Speaker KINENGO Escalate Civic Engagement on TV and Radio


In an effort to foster transparent governance and promote civic engagement, Hon. Kevin Kinengo, the Speaker of Kitui County Assembly hon Kevin Katisya Kinengo has embarked on a media jaunt.

The tour, comprising appearances on Mutongoi TV and Mutongoi FM, served as a platform to discuss pertinent issues affecting the county, ranging from budget estimates to SEKEB Development, and the Finance Bill 2024.

During the interactive session on Mutongoi TV, hosted by Erastus Kithuku Nzomo, Speaker Kinengo engaged in insightful discussions regarding the county’s budget estimates. This provided citizens with a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the financial planning processes within their local government.

Additionally, the Speaker’s interaction with Betty Wambua of Mutongoi FM before her Morning news brief further underscored his commitment to engaging with various media outlets to reach a wider audience. By sharing his insights on the Finance Bill 2024, Hon. Kinengo ensured that citizens were well-informed about legislative developments that directly impact their lives.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, the Speaker took to his social media platforms to thank Mutongoi TV and Mutongoi FM, emphasizing the importance of media partnerships in promoting transparency and accountability. His hashtag #MediaTour encapsulated the collaborative effort between the county assembly and local media outlets to keep the public informed and engaged.

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The media tour conducted by Speaker Kinengo exemplifies a proactive approach to governance, wherein elected officials actively seek to involve citizens in decision-making processes. By leveraging the power of the media, the Kitui County Assembly reaffirms its commitment to serving the needs and interests of the people it represents.

In conclusion, Hon. Kevin Kinengo’s media tour serves as a commendable example of how effective communication and collaboration between government institutions and media outlets can contribute to a more informed and empowered citizenry. As such initiatives continue to proliferate, they play a crucial role in strengthening democratic processes at the local level.

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