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Kitui takes the lead in Empowering Agricultural Communities, SACCO Sensitization kicks off

In a bid to empower local farmers and bolster the agricultural sector in Kitui County, the County Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock, Trade, Industry, MSMEs, Innovation & Cooperatives, alongside the National Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (NAVCDP), organized a pivotal Sacco Sensitization Meeting on Inclusion Grant Support in Mutomo town on Thursday, 2nd May 2024.

The crux of the initiative revolves around providing vital support to SACCOs (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations) through inclusion grants. These grants aim to facilitate SACCO members in establishing operational offices equipped with necessary furniture and desktops, while also providing stipends to their bookkeepers. This comprehensive support structure is designed to uplift the financial capabilities of local farmers and strengthen their access to crucial agricultural and developmental credits.

During the sensitization session, Dr. Stephen Mbaya Kimwele, the CECM for Agriculture and Livestock, underscored the pivotal role of SACCOs in fostering financial inclusion among farmers. He emphasized the imperative for farmers to join SACCOs, highlighting the manifold benefits they offer, including savings mechanisms and access to lucrative matching grant opportunities. Dr. Kimwele’s impassioned address epitomized the county’s commitment to fostering sustainable economic growth and prosperity for its agricultural communities.

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Moreover, the concerted efforts outlined during the session align seamlessly with Governor Dr. Malombe’s visionary agenda as encapsulated in the 16 Sector development plan, aptly named the *Kitui Promise*. This strategic blueprint underscores the county’s unwavering dedication to fostering inclusive growth, enhancing livelihoods, and propelling agricultural development across all 40 wards of Kitui County.

Accompanying Dr. Kimwele were esteemed Chief Officers Gladys Kivoto (Agriculture) and Paul Ngei (Cooperatives), exemplifying the collaborative approach adopted by the county administration in driving these transformative initiatives forward.

In essence, the Sacco Sensitization Meeting heralds a new era of empowerment and prosperity for farmers in Kitui County. By harnessing the collective strength of SACCOs and leveraging inclusion grants, the county is poised to unlock the full potential of its agricultural sector, paving the way for sustainable growth, prosperity, and resilience in the years to come.


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