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Kwa Vonza MCA Hon. Mark Ndingo Oversees Groundbreaking of Sump Well Project at Tiva River

Tiva, Kyaithani, 27th May 2024 – Earlier today, Hon. Mark Ndingo, the MCA of Kwa Vonza, officially handed over the site for the construction of a sump well at Tiva River, specifically at ‘Itikoni kwa Mbaa Kilonzo’. This significant development project is set to benefit the communities of Kyaithani and Muusini.

The project, funded by the County Government of Kitui under the leadership of Governor Dr. Julius Makau Malombe, aims to provide a reliable water source to local residents. The construction of the sump well marks a critical step towards addressing water scarcity issues in the region.

Hon. Mark Ndingo emphasized the importance of the project in his remarks, stating, “This sump well will not only improve access to water for the Kyaithani and Muusini locals but also enhance their quality of life. We are committed to delivering sustainable water solutions to our communities.”

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The contractor tasked with the construction has been mobilized and is expected to complete the project in a timely manner, ensuring that the local populace can benefit from the improved water supply as soon as possible.

This initiative is part of the broader efforts by the Kitui County Government to enhance infrastructure and provide essential services to its residents. Governor Dr. Julius Makau Malombe reiterated his administration’s commitment to such developmental projects, which are crucial for the social and economic upliftment of the area.

The local community has welcomed this development with optimism, anticipating the positive impact it will have on their daily lives and livelihoods.

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