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Kwale-Taita Taveta Boundary Dispute Escalates Over Tax Collection in Mackinnon Town

The ongoing boundary dispute between Kwale and Taita Taveta counties has intensified following recent statements by Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani and her deputy, Chirema Kombo. The leaders urged residents of Mackinnon town not to pay taxes, further inflaming tensions between the two regions.

Since 2013, the counties have been at odds over the ownership of Mackinnon town, with Taita Taveta alleging that the town was irregularly acquired by Kwale. This dispute has led to prolonged legal battles in an effort to resolve the issue.

On February 12, the Environment and Land Court in Mombasa issued a conservatory order granting Taita Taveta the authority to collect taxes and issue permits in Mackinnon town until a final ruling is made on June 26. The court mandated that all collected revenue be deposited into an interest-earning bank account, opened jointly with the Kwale government. Additionally, the order prohibited Kwale from collecting any revenue from the disputed town.

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Despite the court’s directive, Governor Achani and Deputy Governor Kombo’s recent comments have sparked further controversy, complicating the already fraught situation. The June 26 ruling is now eagerly anticipated as both counties await a resolution to the ongoing dispute.

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