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Kyalo to Lead Akamba Delegation at 77 Wasukuma Culture Festival in Tanzania

Busiya, Tanzania – The 77 Wasukuma Culture Festival, a significant cultural event aimed at celebrating and preserving the rich heritage of the Wasukuma community, is set to take place in Ukenyenge Chiefdom, Busiya, Shinyanga, Tanzania, on the 6th and 7th of July 2024. This year, the festival is marked by the honored participation of the Akamba Nation from Kenya, symbolizing a deepening bond between the two communities.

Dr. Augustus Muli Kyalo, the National Patron of the Anzauni clan, confirmed his attendance at the festival following an invitation from Chief Edward A. Makwaia of the Ukenyenge Chiefdom. The discussions about this significant cultural exchange were facilitated by Mr. Anthony Makwaia.In his message, Mr. Anthony Makwaia expressed, “The Chief welcomes happily, Mr. Mike Makau will inform you accordingly. Thank you, Anthony Makwaia.

Thank you, my Elder Anthony, for the invitation of our Augustus Muli Kyalo and the Akamba Nation from Kenya to the 77 Wasukuma Culture Festival in Ukenyenge Chiefdom, Busiya, Shinyanga, Tanzania.”Dr. Augustus Muli Kyalo responded with gratitude, highlighting the importance of this event in fostering cultural and business ties. “This will bring together our communities of Wasukuma of Tanzania and Wakamba of Kenya not only for the celebration of our culture but will open business ventures for our people.

We hope you will reciprocate and attend our festival in August,” he said.The historic ties between the Wasukuma and Wakamba communities were emphasized by Dr. Muli, citing the shared heritage and mutual respect that have bound the two groups together.

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“History shows that our two communities are intertwined, and our very own Prof. Kitunda can ascertain. ‘Jameni SISI ni Ndugu’. On my own behalf and that of Wathi wa Mukamba, I wish H.E. Chief Edward Makwaia of Ukenyenge Chiefdom of Busiya, Shinyanga good health and prosperity of his people.”Mr. Anthony Makwaia conveyed the Chiefdom’s readiness to welcome the Akamba delegation. “Thank you very much, Mr. Anthony Makwaia. We look forward to leading a small team from the Akamba community to visit H.E Chief Edward A. Makwaia at the Chiefdom in Ukenyenge, Busiya during your 77th festival on 6th and 7th July 2024.

“This festival promises not only to be a celebration of culture but also a platform for opening new business opportunities, further strengthening the ties between the Wasukuma of Tanzania and the Wakamba of Kenya.

Dr. Augustus Muli Kyalo concluded, “On behalf of the Anzauni clan, I thank you very much for this invite.” The 77 Wasukuma Culture Festival is poised to be a landmark event, fostering unity, cultural exchange, and economic collaboration between the two communities.//__

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