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Mark Nding’o, MCA Yatta/Kwa vonza Ward, Enhances Healthcare Infrastructure in Kanyonyoo Village

In a move stride towards improving healthcare access and facilities, Hon. Mark Nding’o, the Member of County Assembly for Yatta/Kwa vonza ward, recently oversaw the completion and handover of crucial projects at Mwakini Dispensary, situated in Kanyonyoo village.

The project, funded by the County Government of Kitui, encompassed the construction of a sturdy perimeter fence, installation of a dispensary gate, and the addition of a much-needed two-door pit latrine. These infrastructural enhancements aim to bolster the dispensary’s capacity to serve the community effectively.

During the handover ceremony, Hon. Nding’o’s office staff, alongside key stakeholders including YKV WA Alice Kimeu-Kioko, Kanyonyoo VA Ibrahim Volisi, and sub-county public works officers Mr. Somoni, James, and Mutati, came together to mark the occasion. Representatives from the Mwakini/Kanyonyoo community also attended, underlining the collaborative effort invested in the project’s success.


The completion of these vital projects not only signifies a commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure but also reflects the dedication of local leaders and community members to enhance the well-being of residents. Hon. Nding’o’s proactive approach towards addressing essential community needs demonstrates his unwavering dedication to serving the people of Yatta/Kwa vonza ward.

As these initiatives take root, they are poised to have a tangible and lasting impact on the lives of individuals in Kanyonyoo village, ensuring access to quality healthcare services for generations to come.

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