MCA Alex Wambua chased like Desert Jackal in Mwingi as locals say No to UDA in Mwingi



Blow to still birth Parliamentary candidature of Alex Wambua as boda boda Riders say atoshi boga.

Mwingi west constituency is no go zone for colourless aspirants, who are out to frustrate the hard Working Mp Hon Charles Nguna – Boda boda fraternity and business community have declared.

Kyome- Thome MCA who defected to UDA after meeting the Deputy President Dr William at Karen Hon Alex Wambua is a troubled man.

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The boda boda fraternity in Mwingi west have chased the embattled county assembly Legislator like a desert jackal and told him to send back UDA carrots that he was dangling to the populace.

Kyome-Thaana ward Member of county assembly has lost the-grip after joining UDA, he has been chased like Al-Shabab by angry Mwingi citizens who said No UDA activities in Mwingi.

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“They had no option other than running to UDA to be politically relevant, but it will end in premium tears” Boda boda riders told press.

He has been baptised by fire and brimstone just after declaring his candidature for Mwingi West. This happened today at Migwani when Alex decided to engage the Bodaboda operators but they rebuked his overtures of distributing campaign paraphernalia, another voter wrote on social media site.

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