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MCA Mark Ndingo Joins Gov Malombe in launching Digital Community Hub

On the auspicious day of March 15th, 2024, Kitui County witnessed a groundbreaking event as Kwa Vonza Member of the County Assembly hon Mark ndingo, alongside His Excellency Governor Dr. Julius Makau Malombe, inaugurated a Digital Community Hub at Kanyongonyo, Kanyangi Ward.

This initiative, funded by the National Government in collaboration with America Tower Corporation (ATC), promises to revolutionize internet accessibility for the local community, providing free access to the digital realm.

The collaboration between Kitui County and ATC underscores a shared commitment to bridging the digital divide and fostering inclusive development. Governor Malombe, in his address during the launch, emphasized the significance of this endeavor in advancing connectivity and empowerment. He highlighted the alignment of this initiative with the United Nations’ agenda to harness digital tools for community development, echoing a global call for leveraging technology to drive progress.

Governor Malombe reiterated his administration’s dedication to grassroots empowerment, emphasizing the importance of public access to information and communication technologies. The partnership with ATC aims not only to provide internet access but also to catalyze local innovation and skills development. The Digital Community Hub, situated strategically in Kanyongonyo, will serve as a nexus for learning, collaboration, and digital skills acquisition, benefiting residents of Kanyangi, Yatta Kwa Vonza, Kisasi, and Athi wards.

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George Odenyo, CEO of American Tower Corporation Kenya, urged the community to embrace the facility as a catalyst for their growth and development. He reaffirmed ATC’s commitment to advancing sustainable telecommunications globally and in Kenya, underscoring the company’s vision to reach new heights in connectivity.

Phoebe Mutemi, the County Executive Committee Member for Sports, Gender, Culture, and ICT, emphasized the transformative potential of the ICT hub for youth empowerment. She highlighted its role in providing access to online job opportunities, marketing platforms, and avenues for meaningful interaction, signaling a new era of internet consumption in the area.

The launch of the Digital Community Hub marks a significant milestone in Kitui County’s journey towards digital inclusion and economic empowerment. As the community embraces this transformative initiative, it paves the way for a more connected, empowered, and prosperous future for all residents.


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