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MCA Mark Nding’o Presents Comprehensive Report on Kitui Vocational Training Centres

Kitui, June 18, 2024 – The County Assembly of Kitui today received a comprehensive report on the state of Vocational Training Centres (VCTs) within the county. The report was presented by Hon. Mark Nding’o, the Chair of the Basic Education, Training, and Skills Development Committee.

In a session held this morning, Hon. Nding’o laid the report on the table of the house, in accordance with Standing Orders No. 179(6) and 190(5). The report is the culmination of an extensive inspection carried out by the committee to evaluate the current conditions, challenges, and successes of VCTs in Kitui County.

“This report provides critical insights into the operational status of our Vocational Training Centres. It highlights both the achievements and the areas requiring immediate attention and improvement,” Hon. Nding’o stated. He emphasized the importance of VCTs in equipping the youth with essential skills for the job market and contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.

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The findings of the report are expected to guide the county’s policy decisions and funding allocations towards enhancing the quality and accessibility of vocational training. The assembly will deliberate on the recommendations provided, aiming to address any gaps and ensure that the VCTs are well-equipped to serve the educational needs of the community.

Members of the assembly commended the committee for its thorough work and expressed their commitment to supporting initiatives that improve vocational training in Kitui County. The report is now set to be discussed in detail in subsequent sessions, with the goal of implementing actionable solutions that will benefit the county’s youth and broader population.


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