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MCA Ndingo’s committee visit ECDE facilities

On Thursday, April 4th, 2024, the County Assembly Committee on Education embarked on a rigorous exercise aimed at inspecting and overseeing Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) facilities in Kyuso Ward, situated in Mwingi North, and Waita Ward in Mwingi Central.

Led by Honorable Mark Kitute Ndingo, the Chairperson of the County Assembly Education Committee, the team is conducting a comprehensive assessment to gauge the condition of ECDE classrooms and identify any prevailing challenges.

This initiative spearheaded by yatta kwa vonza MCA Hon. Mark Ndingo underscores the commitment of the county assembly towards ensuring quality education for young learners.

By undertaking a county-wide inspection exercise, the committee aims to gain firsthand insights into the state of ECDE facilities across various wards. Such initiatives are crucial in addressing existing gaps and improving the overall standard of early childhood education within the region.

The inspection exercise involves a meticulous review of infrastructural, and the general environment of ECDE centers. Hon. Mark Ndingo emphasized the importance of providing conducive learning environments for young children, as it lays the foundation for their educational journey.

Additionally, the committee seeks to identify any challenges faced by ECDE institutions, ranging from inadequate resources to staffing issues, with the aim of proposing viable solutions.

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As the team progresses with their inspection, they are engaging with stakeholders including teachers, parents, and local authorities to gather valuable feedback and insights. This collaborative approach ensures that the assessment is comprehensive and reflective of the diverse needs of the community.

Hon. Mark Ndingo reiterated the county assembly’s commitment to supporting ECDE initiatives and addressing any shortcomings identified during the inspection. He emphasized the importance of investing in early childhood education as a fundamental pillar for the socio-economic development of the county.

The ongoing county-wide inspection exercise is a testament to the proactive measures undertaken by the kitui County Assembly Committee on Education to enhance the quality of education at the grassroots level.Through such initiatives, the county is poised to make significant strides in ensuring that every child has access to quality early childhood education, setting the stage for a brighter future.


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