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Mp Nimrod Mbai Opens The UDA Party Command Centre Office in Kitui County

In a strategic move to bolster party operations and outreach efforts, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has inaugurated its Kitui County office in Kiluilu, Zambani ward. The ceremony, officiated by the esteemed Member of Parliament for Kitui East, Honorable Nimrod Mbai, marks a significant milestone in the party’s preparation for the upcoming grassroots elections scheduled for August 2024.

The newly established office is poised to serve as the nerve center for UDA’s activities in the region, functioning as a command center to coordinate various initiatives and engage with constituents effectively. With Honorable Mbai’s leadership at the helm, the UDA party aims to intensify its presence and strengthen grassroots mobilization efforts in Kitui County.

Looking ahead, UDA sets ambitious targets for the political landscape in Kitui County, with aspirations to secure more than half of all electoral seats by the year 2027. This declaration serves as a resounding notice to competitors, signaling the party’s unwavering commitment to making significant inroads and representing the interests of the people at every level of governance.

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The inauguration of the Kitui County UDA office underscores the party’s dedication to expanding its footprint across the country and building robust infrastructures for effective political engagement. As UDA continues to galvanize support and consolidate its position in Kitui County and beyond, it reaffirms its pledge to champion inclusive governance, grassroots empowerment, and transformative leadership for the prosperity of all Kenyans.

With Honorable Nimrod Mbai’s leadership and the collective efforts of UDA members and supporters, the party is poised to shape the political landscape of Kitui County and advance its vision of a prosperous, equitable, and progressive future for all. As the countdown to the grassroots elections begins, the momentum generated by the inauguration of the Kitui County UDA office sets the stage for a dynamic and impactful political journey ahead.


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