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“Mweene Mavati” Stirs Up Political Storm in Kitui Central and Beyond


In Kitui Central, a youthful yet aggressive politician, nicknamed “Mweene Mavati” or the “owner of iron sheets,” has become a notable figure due to his bold and strategic maneuvers. Known locally as Galsheet, Dumu Zas, and other roofing sheet-related monikers, he first gained prominence as the Chief of Staff for Governor Charity Ngilu.

However, following a fallout in 2021 that led to his dismissal, his actions have continued to make waves in the political arena, the TCD digital reports.

Rather than stepping down quietly, the ousted Chief of Staff staged a vociferous rally within the Governor’s office compound. During this defiant act, he proclaimed that Ngilu’s administration was essentially “roofed” with his metaphorical iron sheets.

His involvement in mobilizing youth support was crucial to Ngilu’s 2017 gubernatorial victory, and he made it clear that his departure would not be without repercussions.

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Despite his controversial nature and the disdain he draws from many, including those who decry his unscrupulous methods, his political acumen cannot be overlooked. His boldness and calculated strategies echo the traits that propelled his President William Ruto (WSR), to the presidency.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, the actions and strategies of “Mweene Mavati” will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the future dynamics within Kitui Central and beyond. The ramifications of his maneuvers could herald a new chapter of political realignments and power struggles in the lead-up to the next electoral cycle.


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