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Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna Rejects Salary Increase Amid Economic Struggles


Mwingi West Member of Parliament, Hon. Charles Nguna, has publicly refused an additional Ksh 14,000 increase in his salary. In a statement, Nguna announced his intention to write to the clerk to formalize his rejection of the pay hike.

“There are people in this country who are out to annoy and incite Kenyans. The issue is not timely when we are struggling economically as a country,” Nguna asserted.

This decision follows the government’s recent announcement of salary increases for the president, deputy president, cabinet secretaries, and other senior government officials. The proposed hikes have sparked widespread criticism, with many Kenyans arguing that such increases are inappropriate given the country’s current financial challenges.

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Nguna’s stance reflects a growing concern among public officials and citizens about the timing and necessity of the salary increments amidst ongoing economic difficulties. His move is likely to add to the debate on the government’s fiscal priorities and economic management.


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