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Mwingi West MP Opposes ‘One Man, One Shilling, One Vote’ Revenue Sharing Formula

Mwingi West Member of Parliament, Charles Nguna, has joined a chorus of national leaders in expressing concerns over the proposed ‘One Man, One Shilling, One Vote’ revenue sharing formula.

This model, being advocated by a section of leaders, has sparked widespread debate across the country.

In an exclusive interview with TCD Digital, MP Nguna emphasized the need for a multifaceted approach to resource allocation. “Resources should be shared based on many factors, not just one,” he stated. “For instance, the larger the county or constituency, the more costly it is to develop and upgrade the roads. We cannot base revenue sharing on only one factor.”

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Nguna’s remarks reflect a broader concern that a single-criterion approach might undermine equitable development, especially in vast and less densely populated regions.

As the debate continues, leaders from various regions are calling for a more inclusive formula that considers diverse factors to ensure fair distribution of national resources.


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