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Nicholas Mulila, MP Nimrod Mbai Join hands towards Sombe Parish “NGETHA” fund drive in Kitui East


Over the weekend, the Sombe Catholic Parish was adorned with a vibrant tapestry of colors, echoing with joyous hymns and heartfelt prayers as the community came together to celebrate the annual ‘NGETHA’ harvest event.

Among the esteemed guests gracing the occasion were Mr. Nicholas Mulila, the Chief Risk Management and Corporate Security head at Safaricom PLC, Hon. Nimrod Mbai, alongside other leaders and dignitaries.

Hon. Nimrod Mbai the esteemed Member of Parliament for Kitui East, exemplified solidarity as he joined hands with fellow leaders, including MCA’s Hon. Laban Malinga Munyao* and Hon. Joseph Musyoka, in commemorating this auspicious occasion.

The chief guest, Mr. Nicholas Mulila has continuously shown dedicated leadership through supporting community initiatives in areas of Education,Health,youth employment and mega church projects across the county whilst using personal resources and networks.The ever humble and down to earth Corporate guru has always left many amazed by his willingness to do good whenever called upon by the community.

Dr. Vincent Munyoki, representing the Vincent Munyoki Foundation, further exemplified the ethos of philanthropy and community engagement, underscoring the importance of collective action in addressing societal challenges and fostering sustainable development.

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Under the guidance of Fr. Cosmas Ndumbi, the spiritual leader of Sombe Catholic Church, the event transcended religious boundaries, serving as a beacon of hope and solidarity for all members of the community. Fr. Ndumbi’s unwavering dedication and leadership continue to inspire faith and unity among parishioners, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

The ‘NGETHA’ harvest celebration not only showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region but also served as a platform for reflection and gratitude. As the community came together to give thanks for the blessings of the harvest season, they also reaffirmed their commitment to collective progress and shared prosperity.

In the spirit of ubuntu, let us draw inspiration from the unity and resilience exhibited at the Sombe Catholic Parish Harvest Celebration. May we continue to work together, across boundaries and differences, towards a future filled with hope, compassion, and prosperity for all.

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