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Patrick Ngere joins CS Malonza to give VICTIMS a befitting send off in Mwingi

Today, amidst somber skies and heavy hearts, the community of Mbondoni in Mwingi West bid farewell to two cherished souls, Robert Munyithya and John Kilunda. Their final journey was marked by the compassionate efforts of Mr. Patrick Ngere, Tourism Fund Director, and CS Penina Malonza, who stood as pillars of support during this difficult time.

Ngere’s unwavering dedication shone through as he facilitated every aspect of the funeral arrangements. From overseeing the release of the bodies from the city morgue to covering all expenses, including mortuary bills and transportation costs, his selfless actions ensured a dignified sendoff for the departed.

Collaborating closely with CS Malonza’s office, Ngere navigated bureaucratic hurdles, even securing waivers for the mortuary bills, easing the burden on the grieving families. His proactive approach and compassionate gestures exemplify the essence of public service, embodying empathy and solidarity in times of need.

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As the sun sets on this poignant day, let us remember Robert Munyithya and John Kilunda not only for the lives they lived but also for the unity and kindness that emerged in their memory. May their spirits find peace, and may Ngere’s tireless efforts serve as a beacon of hope and solidarity for all communities in times of sorrow.

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