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Raila Odinga Supports DP Gachagua’s ‘One Man, One Shilling’ Revenue-Sharing Call

In a notable political alignment, Raila Odinga, leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), has expressed his support for Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s advocacy for the “One Man, One Shilling” revenue-sharing model.

This endorsement is seen as a significant boost for the initiative, which aims to ensure that national resources are distributed equitably based on population size.

Odinga’s support was articulated during a recent public engagement where he emphasized the importance of fairness and equality in resource allocation. “The ‘One Man, One Shilling’ principle is crucial for promoting equality and fairness across all regions of our country. It ensures that every Kenyan, regardless of where they live, benefits equitably from our national resources,” Odinga stated.

The “One Man, One Shilling” initiative, championed by leaders from the Mt Kenya region, including DP Gachagua, seeks to address disparities in resource distribution. Advocates argue that aligning resource allocation with population size will foster regional development and address long-standing economic inequalities.

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Odinga’s endorsement of this initiative highlights a rare convergence of views between him and the Deputy President. “This is a step in the right direction,” Odinga remarked, emphasizing that the model aligns with democratic principles and the need for fair resource sharing.

However, the proposal has sparked debate, with critics warning that it might marginalize less populous regions, potentially deepening existing inequalities. Despite these concerns, Odinga’s support underscores his strategic engagement with Mt Kenya leaders and his broader vision for equitable national development.

As discussions on the “One Man, One Shilling” initiative continue, this collaboration between Odinga and Gachagua signals a significant moment in Kenya’s political discourse, with potential implications for future governance and resource allocation policies.


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