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Ruto’s Point Man Mp Nimrod Mbai Opposes ‘One Vote, One Shilling’ Revenue Sharing Formula


Kitui East Member of Parliament, Hon. Nimrod Mbai, has publicly dismissed the ‘one vote, one shilling’ revenue sharing formula advocated by certain leaders from the Mt. Kenya region. Speaking as a key ally of President William Ruto in Kitui, Mbai proposed an alternative approach: the ‘one kilometer, one shilling’ revenue sharing formula.

According to Hon. Mbai, the ‘one kilometer, one shilling’ model would provide a more equitable distribution of resources across the country, addressing the needs of all regions more effectively than the vote-based formula proposed by what he described as “selfish leaders.”

“The ‘one vote, one shilling’ formula does not account for the geographical and infrastructural disparities that exist within our country,” Mbai stated. “Our proposal of ‘one kilometer, one shilling’ ensures that resources are allocated based on the actual land area, promoting balanced development and addressing regional inequalities.”

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The debate over revenue sharing formulas is central to ongoing discussions about fiscal federalism and equitable development in Kenya. Mbai’s stance aligns with the perspectives of those advocating for resource allocation that considers geographic size and infrastructural needs rather than solely population metrics.

The UDA MP’s comments reflect growing tensions over the best approach to achieve fair resource distribution in Kenya, as various regions vie for policies that will benefit their specific circumstances.


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