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Safaricom Expands Its Reach with New Customer Care Shops in Mwingi and Mutomo Town

By Yoana Kimwele

In a significant move to enhance customer care experience and accessibility, Safaricom Ltd has opened new customer care shops in Mwingi town and another one of Mutomo towns in Kitui South. The establishment of these shops aims to cater to all Safaricom services.

The two shops were inaugurated by the Chief Corporate Security Officer, Mr. Nicholas Mulila, on behalf of Safaricom CEO Mr. Ndengwa alongside a team of Safaricom officials.

The opening of the customer care shops in Mwingi and Mutomo marks a strategic expansion for Safaricom, bringing its comprehensive range of services closer to the residents of these towns. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to ensuring that customers can easily access support, information, and assistance related to their Safaricom services.

Mr. Nicholas Mulila, the Chief Corporate Security Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the new venture, stating, “We are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service, and the opening of these customer care shops is a testament to our ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of our valued customers.”

The strategically located shops are poised to offer a wide array of Safaricom services, including assistance with mobile plans, data packages, M-Pesa transactions, and general inquiries. Customers in Mwingi and Mutomo can now benefit from in-person support, ensuring a seamless experience when engaging with Safaricom products and services.

Mwingi and Mutomo residents will have the opportunity to interact with knowledgeable Safaricom officials who can address their queries and concerns promptly. The customer care shops are designed to be one-stop destinations for all Safaricom-related needs, fostering a more personalized and convenient customer service experience.

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Safaricom’s expansion into Mwingi and Mutomo is part of the company’s broader strategy to extend its footprint and enhance accessibility nationwide. By establishing a physical presence in these towns, Safaricom aims to create a stronger connection with the local community and better understand the unique needs of customers in the area.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Safaricom officials and local dignitaries, underscoring the significance of this expansion for both the company and the Mwingi and Mutomo community. Mr. Nicholas Mulila expressed gratitude to the residents and emphasized Safaricom’s commitment to fostering positive relationships with its customers.

As Safaricom continues to innovate and adapt to the evolving telecommunications landscape, the opening of the customer care shops in Mwingi and Mutomo is a testament to the company’s dedication to customer-centricity. The establishment of such facilities across the country reinforces Safaricom’s position as a leader in providing reliable and accessible telecommunications services.

The new Safaricom customer care shops signify a step forward in the company’s mission to empower and connect communities. As customers in Mwingi and Mutomo now enjoy the convenience of dedicated support centers, Safaricom looks forward to further strengthening its relationship with existing customers and welcoming new ones into the Safaricom family.

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