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Senator Muthama Expresses Concern Over Rising Tribalism in Politics

In a surprising turn of events, Johnstone Muthama has voiced his concerns over the resurgence of tribalism within the UDA party. Muthama, known for his strong stance against ethnic-based politics, expressed his disappointment over recent developments that seem to undermine the party’s founding principles.

“The United Democratic Alliance was established to eradicate tribalism, which has plagued our political landscape for decades,” Muthama said in a Statement on his social media pages, “I am deeply saddened by the recent happenings that suggest we are regressing rather than progressing.”

The senator’s remarks come amidst growing reports of ethnic tensions and factionalism within the UDA, which was founded with the vision of promoting unity and inclusivity across all Kenyan communities. Muthama’s statement has sparked widespread debate among political analysts and citizens alike, raising questions about the party’s future direction and commitment to its core values.

Political analysts suggest that internal power struggles and regional allegiances are threatening to fracture the party, with some members allegedly prioritizing tribal affiliations over national unity. This development is seen as a significant challenge for the UDA, which had positioned itself as a beacon of hope for a more cohesive and inclusive political environment in Kenya.

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In his address, Senator Muthama called for immediate action to address these issues, urging party leaders and members to recommit to the UDA’s foundational goals. “We must not allow ourselves to be divided along tribal lines. Our strength lies in our unity and our ability to rise above ethnic differences for the sake of our nation’s progress,” he emphasized.

The UDA leadership is yet to respond to Muthama’s concerns. However, the senator’s candid remarks have undeniably set the stage for an intense internal dialogue on the party’s path forward. As the situation develops, the public will be watching closely to see how the UDA navigates these challenges and whether it can stay true to its original mission of fostering a united and prosperous Kenya.


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