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Some 15,000 youths participate in this year’s Kitui Catholic Diocesan Annual Youth Walk


An estimated fifteen thousand youths from Kitui County participated in this year’s (10th) Kitui Catholic Diocesan Annual Youth Walk on Friday, April 26, 2024. They walked about 20 kilometres from the Mulutu Market in Kyangwithya West Location of the Kitui Central District in Kitui County up to the Saint John Paul II Institute in Kitui Town.

The event had been organised by the Vincent Munyoki Foundation in partinership with the Kitui Catholic Diocese, Kitui County government, Safaricom Foundation, Kenya Commercial Bank, Coca Cola Company and Family Bank among others. The annual event started in 2014. This year’s event themed Journeying together as Eucharistic community, coincided with the celebrations of the Kitui Catholic Diocese’s sixty years of existence.

The youths were addressed by the leaders at the Saint John Paul II Institute. In his speech, the Kitui Catholic Diocesan Bishop, the Right Reverend Joseph Mwomgela, highly thanked the youths for participating in the event. And he also highly thanked all the others who made the event a success. The prelate disclosed that they have some 35 parishes within the diocese.

Mwongela highly appreciated the media houses for covering the event. “Is good to report the joyous event like this. Not only to report the floods and other catastrophic happenings,” the bishop said. He said: “We are tired because of the walk but we are content with the joy. We have journeyed together. We have to journey together.” We are joyful as we celebrate 60 years of our diocese, Mwongela added.

The Kitui Catholic Diocese is one of the oldest catholic dioceses in Kenya and in Africa. Since its creation on November 16, 1963, the diocese has been led by four bishops. The Right Reverent William Dunne is the pioneer bishop where he led the diocese from February 9, 1964 to 1994. He was succeeded by Bishop Boniface Mathitu Lele who led the diocese from November 2, 1995 to 2005. The third bishop, Anthony Muheria, led the diocese from June 28, 2008 to April 23, 2017 and as the Apostolic Administrator from April 23, 2017 to August 29, 2020. Bishop Joseph Mwongela is the diocesan head since August 29, 2020.

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The Vincent Munyoki Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Vincent Munyoki also addressed the occasion where he said: “Today is a very important day. “Today is the first anniversary of the Vincent Munyoki Foundation’s inception,” the doctor said. “We have walked a number of kilometres. As a doctor, I tell you that you have taken exercise,” he said.

Munyoki stressed the importance of the sharing. “Please let us learn how to share out what we have with others,” the medic added. “I am a youth. I am 26 years old. I am a businessman and a medical doctor,” the philanthropist said. The Kitui County Governor, Dr. Julius Makau Malombe was represented at the function by the County Youth, Culture, Gender, Sports and Social Services Minister Phoebe Ndunyu Mutemi.

The minister also addressed the occasion among others. The minister presented the youths with some 50,000 shillings from the governor and another 20,000 shillings from the ministry. And on his part, the Safaricom Foundation Chief Risk Management and Security Officer Nicholas M. Mulila pledged that he will continue supporting the youths by all means.

The leaders talked out about the discipline where they asked the youths to be disciplined. “The discipline is a very important thing,” the leaders told the youths. They asked them not to engage in the destructive behaviours including the narcotic drugs consumption. They asked the youths to take their studies seriously for the good of their future and for the good of the society.

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