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The Akamba fight for survival as a community in Kenya

By Dr Kyalo Muli

Very few communities in Kenya have played the role that the Akamba played to make this country to be what it is today, Anyone keen on history will find that the Akamba were the first point of contact for missionaries and colonialists who came into East Africa.

As the first traders, the Akamba were the first tour guides for the missionaries and later colonialists.
The Akamba contributed to most of the names that are currently used in major towns, rivers and even mountains.But instead of this first contact bringing benefits to the Akamba as a community, it only brought misery and poverty to our people.

Unlike some other communities in the region, the Akamba were a very communal community who lived a very simple life under their clans and chiefs.

In this system everyone took care of the other and so long as one person had food, no one could sleep hungry.The Akamba had in place a religion and traditional beliefs that ensured that everyone was each brother’s keeper.

The British colonialists were quick to notice this great power and made sure that they broke down the bonds of religion and traditions that held the Akamba together.

They instead introduced their divide and rule system that promoted hatred rather than solidarity. They made one family member hate the other. They promoted their religion that preached superiority rather than love and brotherhood.

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All the leaders who have been recognised in our community are leaders who have kept alive this message of division and selfishness rather than communal prosperity.

And in this way our community has been reduced to beggars and weaklings, a complete contrast to our forefathers who were described as the fiercest and bravest warriors in the land.Our lands, once overflowing with honey and milk are all now barren and dry.

All the governments since Kenya’a independence have treated the Akamba as servants and weaklings.

No government has bothered to repay this community for the great loss incurred in fighting for independence.Instead, greedy individuals have been rewarded who have done nothing to improve our welfare as a community.

It’s time to reclaim our glory as a community.It’s time we learnt to take care of each other as brothers and sisters.What affects one of us must be seen to affect all of us.It’s time to reclaim our identity as a community.

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