The Deplorable State of Malimbani Primary School Exposes Mp Mwalika in Bad Light


By Our Reporter.

KRC Intel’ Bureau 27th Aug, 2021 – The Deplorable State of Malimbani Primary School has Exposed kitui rural leadership together with Mp Mwalika in a bad light.

The residents are Worried by the deplorable state of the Malimbani Primary School In Masimba – Kanyangi Lower Yatta sub county yet the area has leadership which is being funded by the public covers.

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The community is now appealed to the government and interventionist agencies to come to their aid a move that has proved incapability and thoughtlessness from the KRC leadership under the patronage of Mp Hon Mwalika Mboni.

The Krc Intel Bureau has leant that the school lacks classes and amenities and pupils are forced to seek shelter under nylon makeshifts during class lessons.

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The community now wants the Mp to move swiftly and allocate sufficient amount of money to build new classes and renovate existing old classes before they turn to home of reptiles, the county diary reports.

“The school is slowly turning to home to reptiles and deadly animals and its not safe for our children, all we want is conducive environment for them to learn and secure a bright future”_ said a community mobiliser.

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Intel’s efforts to reach the school’s Head Teacher went futile as his phone was off, may be due to lack of power.

We will not tire, until we fix the KRC – Former Kitui Rural Mp Hon Charles Told Media reporters.