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Toeni NG- CDF Kwa MPs – Mwingi West MP Hon. Charles Nguna Reacts

In a spirited defence to the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF), Hon. Charles Nguna, the Member of Parliament for Mwingi West, has pushed back against recent calls for its abolishment.

Responding to criticisms, MP Nguna emphasized that the NG-CDF is the sole direct financial resource from the National Government that effectively benefits citizens at the grassroots level, the TCD digital reports.

The lawmaker argued that the frequent accusations of mismanagement directed at the fund are unfairly blamed on MPs. He insisted that proper oversight and implementation should not justify the elimination of such a critical program.

In a sharp critique of Senators’ recent demands for an oversight fund, MP Nguna asserted that Senators already receive ample salaries to perform their oversight duties. He expressed concerns that establishing such a fund could lead to an unmanageable series of additional financial requests for legislative functions, escalating into excessive fiscal demands.

Highlighting the significance of the NG-CDF in grassroots development, the MP pointed out the Ministry of Education’s shortcomings in effectively utilizing allocated funds for school infrastructure. Since the introduction of the NG-CDF, local schools have seen notable improvements, with projects managed by the Executive through the NG-CDF Board and local school Boards of Management.

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Addressing those advocating for the abolition of the NG-CDF, MP Nguna called for a focus on ensuring free education and establishing equitable systems for school infrastructure development nationwide before considering such drastic measures. Without these steps, he warned, the country risks reverting to substandard learning conditions for children.

Illustrating the pressing needs in constituencies, MP Nguna shared the stark realities faced in Mwingi West, where limited funds struggle to meet overwhelming demand. He noted that while 90% of bursary applicants are deserving, only a fraction receive support.

The MP advocated for a realistic and continued approach to managing constituency needs, emphasizing the importance of ongoing support and improvements to the NG-CDF. His statements underscore the broader debate on the roles and responsibilities of MPs and Senators in managing public funds and ensuring accountable and equitable development across the nation.


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