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Tourism fund director Mr Patrick Ngere Leads Community Initiative for Sustainable Development and Inclusion in Mwingi West

On the vibrant Saturday morning of May 4th, 2024, the Migwani Deputy County Commissioner’s ground came alive with a spirit of generosity and support. Led by Mr. Patrick Ngere, Director of the Tourism Fund, the community witnessed a remarkable tree-planting initiative, showcasing a commitment to environmental sustainability and beautification.

The Tourism Fund, in collaboration with the Sara Foundation, epitomized compassion by donating 39 wheelchairs to individuals living with disabilities in Mwingi West. This act of kindness not only provides mobility but also fosters inclusivity within the community.

Amidst the flurry of activity, Mr. Ngere emphasized the importance of unity and government support. He urged the Kamba Nation to rally behind President William Ruto’s leadership, promising continued development initiatives such as the completion of the stalled Migwani Mbondoni road.

With assurance from Ngere, hope resonated among the people of Mwingi West for a brighter future.
In the spirit of collaboration, Migwani Deputy County Commissioner, Mr. Dominic Talalala, led the government administration team, ensuring the smooth execution of the day’s events.

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Additionally, Mama Sara Foundation trustee, Mr. Felix Komu, highlighted the vital role of caregivers for individuals with disabilities, advocating for supportive policies from the legislative arm of government.

Furthermore, the generosity extended beyond trees and wheelchairs, as over two thousand attendees were graciously provided with relief food, courtesy of the Kenya Kwanza Government. Bags of rice and beans symbolized not just sustenance but also solidarity in times of need.
As the day unfolded, it became a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and compassion.

Through tree planting, wheelchair donations, and advocacy, Migwani exemplified resilience and unity in the face of challenges. With leaders like Mr. Ngere, Mr. Talalala, and Mr. Komu at the forefront, the promise of a brighter tomorrow shines ever brighter for the people of Mwingi West.

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