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Yatta kwa Vonza MCA Hosts Kenya Connect Team for Latrine Commissioning at Ndandini Primary School


Earlier today, Yatta kwa Vonza Member of Kitui County Assembly, Hon. Ndingo, welcomed the Kenya Connect team at Ndandini Primary School to commission two newly constructed four-door pit latrines. This event marked a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to improve sanitation facilities in local schools.

Kenya Connect, a dedicated philanthropic organization, has successfully constructed similar four-door pit latrines at eight schools in the Ndunguni area. These schools include Nthilani Primary School, Ndunguni Primary School, Lower Yatta Secondary, Kyaithani Primary School, Muusini Primary School, Kyaithani Secondary School, Ilovi Primary School, and Ndandini Primary School.

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Speaking at the event, MCA Ndingo praised Kenya Connect’s commitment to enhancing the learning environment for students through improved sanitation. “This is a very commendable philanthropy,” he remarked, highlighting the positive impact these facilities will have on the health and well-being of students across the region.

The newly commissioned latrines are expected to provide much-needed relief to the schools’ sanitation challenges, contributing to better hygiene practices and a more conducive learning atmosphere.



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